Compression Stockings

When I was first diagnosed with POTS, I wore compression stockings very consistently everyday. I honestly couldn’t tell if it was making much difference, but I was desperate for anything that would help me feel better. A few times I recalled feeling like they made it so my legs didn’t turn as purple, and I couldn’t feel the blood rushing to my feet as much as I stood up. I know that for some people with POTS, they really can make a world of difference.


  • They have helped many POTS patients feel better (to varying degrees, it is different for everyone)

  • They make ones that are runner-style that are fairly comfortable and cute

  • They might help prevent blood from pooling at your ankles/feet, resulting in reduced dizziness and fainting


  • In the summer it's almost impossible to wear them if you’re living in a really hot climate

  • They are really hard to get on...even just putting them on raised my HR by like 30 beats (haha)

  • They can be really itchy

  • If you get the ones that go above your knees, they hurt the backs of your knees super bad when sitting down

Additional tips for compression stockings:

Put them on before you stand up when getting out of bed. If you have POTS, this is the time when the most blood rushes to your feet when standing.

Try the ones that only come to below your knee, because they are much more bearable to wear for extended periods of time. (Though some people have seen better results from the full-length ones)

Go through your insurance to buy them, usually they cover 2 pairs if you were given a prescription. Make sure to get sized for them, as this is very important for maximum effectiveness. I went to a local medical store to be fitted for them.

To be honest, once I started taking beta blockers, I stopped wearing the stockings. The difference the medicine made was miles better than any small difference these made. But who knows, maybe they help other people more than they helped me.

Does anyone have any recommendations regarding compression stockings? Comment below.