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Using CBD oil with chronic illness

Many of my friends in the chronic illness community have seen significant symptom relief with using CBD oil (also known as hemp oil), so I gave it a try.

I did my research, and decided to try EllaJean Organics, which is a company out of Colorado that procudes very high quality CBD oil (safe, clean, locally grown, USDA certified organic).

Should you try CBD oil?

If you're suffering from chronic illness, I definitley think CBD oil is worth a try. The best part about it is that it's natural, so it's unlikely you'll have negative effects from it.

Please keep in mind that CBD oil is not a cure, but often helps relieve symptoms. It's been known to help with pain, nausea, neurological symptoms, anxiety, stress, sleep and more. It can never hurt to ask your doctor if they think it could be beneficial for you/your condition(s).

Is it possible CBD oil won't help you? Yes. But it's worth a try.

Does CBD oil help me?

Yes and no. Being 100% honest, I've noticed some very small improvements, but nothing significant yet. A few times after taking it, it's taken the edge off of some of my pain and nausea, but not every time. I'm definitely planning on trying it for longer, and seeing if it does help me more in the future.

Please don't let my experience dissuade you from trying CBD oil, as I've had lots of friends that have seen many improvements with it!

What's the best way to use CBD oil?

The EllaJean Organics team let me know that the most effective way to use CBD oil is sublingually. Basically, you fill the dropper with the oil and put it under your tongue. For best results, try not to swallow it, and it will go into your bloodstream faster/more effectively if absorbed under your tongue.

Does using CBD oil make you high?

Absolutely not. This CBD/hemp oil only contains trace amounts of THC, and it is legal to use in all US states. In states where its legal, you can buy CBD/THC oil combined, which is also known to help with pain and other symptoms.

Are there any drawbacks to using CBD oil?

The only drawback I can think of is that it's expensive, especially when buying high quality CBD (and it isn't covered by insurance yet). It's definitely an investment, but if it helps you enough, it is worth it!

I'd definitely recommend checking out EllaJean Organics CBD products. They have helped many people, and may just help you too!

If anyone has experience with using CBD oil, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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